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Hospitality Management Services

What We Offer

At Schulte, we focus on true innovation and industry leadership in delivering our tailored, white-glove hospitality services to each and every owner. We rely on the latest information and technological tools to guide our dedicated approach to elevating our partners.

a large building with a dome Courtyard Hotel - Greenville

Hotel Management

From the start, we’ve mastered the balance between delivering top-tier financial performance and providing exceptional customer service for our investors and property owners. With data-driven precision and an eye on elevating every guest experience, our best-in-class management services are tailored to suit each property.

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Restaurant Management

Our dedicated culinary team goes beyond daily operations to shine in every facet of restaurant management, from concept creation to efficient labor flow. Whether spearheading innovation within our hotels or expanding our delightful Joella’s Hot Chicken brand, we commit to excellence in concept and practice.

a train going by a large building Hoxton - Chicago, IL

Asset Management

Approaching every property with an owner's mindset, we offer a range of services designed to drive value and profitability. From hands-on collaboration with hotel teams to optimizing revenues and managing negotiations, our blend of data-driven strategies and industry relationships ensures unparalleled performance and returns.

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Project Management

By seamlessly integrating meticulous planning with innovative execution, our dedicated team navigates each project with a deep understanding of its unique demands and potential. We are committed to delivering projects that exceed functionality and design expectations, leveraging a rich blend of expertise with cutting-edge technology.

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Acquisition Services

Successful acquisitions require experience, insight, and precision so each venture resonates with our property owners’ vision and our strategic approach. Being selective with projects allows us to consistently deliver exceptional service and impressive returns, which reflects our commitment to quality over quantity.

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Call Center Services

The differentiating factor of the hospitality industry is the focus on providing each guest with a highly personalized and high-touch level of service. However, in our experience, many call center service providers operate across many industries and fail to deliver services that are commensurate with hospitality expectations. We created GRACE to fill that void.