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Redefining hospitality narratives by blending intimacy and scale, we seamlessly merge tradition with innovation to consistently deliver remarkable outcomes for our partners. Composing our Schulte Hospitality Group divisions, our hotel, restaurant and bar, and design and construction services empower clients to achieve success by relying on a suite of tailored services.

a room with a couch and a table with a lamp and a window Hotel Washington, Washington D.C.

Boutique & Lifestyle

Schulte Boutique + Lifestyle expertly and skillfully manages independent and soft-branded hotels, delivering experiences punctuated by personal touches and exceptional accommodations. Fueled by a passion to redefine the hospitality landscape, we rank as the third largest boutique hotel operator with 7,100 keys under our purview. Even as we reach ever higher numbers, we remain unwavering in our commitment to high-touch services. Guided by today's experiential travel culture, we meticulously design revenue-boosting packages and local engagements, ensuring guests have experiences they love sharing.

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Restaurants & Bars

Our dedication to excellence permeates more than daily restaurant operations; it's reflected in the diverse dining concepts we've innovated within our hotels — and our growing standalone fast-casual brand, Joella’s Hot Chicken. From conceptualization and menu crafting to sophisticated financial oversight and marketing prowess, our team impeccably maneuvers every facet of development, management, and ownership, optimizing F&B margins with unparalleled finesse.

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Design & Construction

Schulte Design and Construction boasts an impressive track record, successfully completing projects worth over $2 billion across 28 states. Our nuanced understanding of construction intricacies drives us to produce enduring quality, meeting every deadline, budget, and regulatory demand. From the nascent stages of construction to comprehensive fit-outs and beyond, our adept team of technicians, engineers, and specialists ensures each project resonates with perfection. We adapt our extensive services to materialize each client’s vision, guiding the journey from conception to culmination.

a building with flags on the front The Randolph Hotel Oxford by Graduate – Oxford, UK

European Group

Based in London, Schulte European Group is our professional hotel management and development division for European operators. Our collaboration with partners like the Marine North Berwick, The Randolph Hotel Oxford by Graduate, and Rusacks St. Andrews is a direct reflection of our dedication to high-touch client service, providing owners with top-line and bottom-line results, and developing leaders at each property. From our European office, we lead all revenue, sales, finance, accounting, and human resources with full support and resources from our U.S. counterparts and in compliance with GDPR regulations. Schulte is poised and ready to expand into new territories, providing the same powerful and efficient support system that has made us an institution in the hospitality industry.

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In addition, we operate a residential division that provides premium, short-term home rentals in communities where we also manage hotels. Guests book an elevated homestay and enjoy the perks of a traditional hotel experience with services like a dedicated concierge that handles everything from transportation to special events. Additionally, guests have access to our local hotel amenities like pools and fitness centers, and they receive exclusive discounts at the hotel bars and restaurants. Homeowners get to work with an experienced partner that attracts guests willing to pay a higher rate. Our residential division charges lower commission rates than other home rental sites, provides essentials like glassware and towels, arranges post-stay cleanings, and handles all guest communications, allowing owners to keep more from each stay.