One-of-a-kind management for one-of-a-kind hotels

Schulte boutique + lifestyle is a dedicated hotel management platform that specializes in independent and soft branded hotels that distinguish the guest experience with personalized service and unique accommodations.

We have a passion for working with independent hotels that want to break the mold and do something different, to write the new hotel standards for travelers, and to create unique places & experiences for our guests.


Scale and Personalization

Our boutique + lifestyle division manages 4,600 keys, making us the 3rd largest boutique hotel operator. However, high touch service is imperative to the support we provide, especially for boutique hotels.

Diverse Team

Our team includes experienced hoteliers who became experts on the branded side, but wanted more freedom to drive revenue and guest satisfaction in new ways so they came here to focus on independent hotels. Our team also includes people without traditional hospitality experience because to create something new and different, we need different people and backgrounds at the table. In addition to our regular management services, we offer customized marketing and revenue support to help get awareness, engagement, and traffic to the new boutique brand.

Focus on Guest Experiences

Today’s travelers are motivated by experiences. According to Lodging Magazine, “Almost two-thirds of travelers now value experiences more than material possessions. Next year, travelers will continue looking to eat, sleep, and shop in ways that will create lasting memories.” We fulfill this need by appealing to consumers looking for experiences with revenue driving packages and local activations on site. Our purpose is simple, set the stage for a trip to remember and become part of the story that our guests tell when they get home.