Martin Hanson portrait

Martin Hanson


Chief Information Officer


With a career spanning over 25 years in the hospitality industry, Martin has vast experience and knowledge in all aspects of hotel operations, accounting and hospitality technology. Martin has led several key company initiatives that have scaled Schulte Hospitality Group through its growth phases, including the transition of accounting systems, a business intelligence platform, a company intranet site and payroll processing migration. His vision, leadership and dedication have allowed Schulte Hospitality Group to deliver best-in-class results to our clients.

He has been instrumental in the design and development of technology for several hotel projects, including a large hotel waterpark resort, condo resorts and several midsized hotels. Martin’s experience in hotel management, coupled with his love of technology, has helped him develop several software applications, including a daily reporting system providing up-to-the-minute online statistical reporting for hotel managers and owners. Martin currently serves as President of Graduate Hotels Management, the hotel management group that exclusively oversees Graduate Hotels properties.